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 marriage catering in chennai

At the reception table

Sugar, sugar candy, sandal paste, vermillion (kum kum), rose water and welcome rose will be arranged. Girls will be deputed to receive the visitors.

Mangala Vadhyam

Double set of Nadaswaram (two nadhaswarams and two thavils) will be arranged for the entire session of

  • Welcoming the bride, bridegroom
  • Viratham
  • Nishchayathartham
  • Muhurtham
  • Kattusadakoodai

Maalai and Flowers

Garlands for the bride and bridegroom, reception, nishchayathartham, muhurtham will be arranged apart from

Nishchayathartha Arrangements

Things for the nishchayathartham (evening prior to the muhurtham)

  • Five types of fruits neatly packed
  • Four types of dry fruits
  • Turmeric (manjal kizhangu), turmeric powder, vermillion (kum kum), betel leaf and nut, coconut will be arranged.

 marriage catering in chennai
 marriage catering in chennai

Highlighted Services

After the cooking, the dishes will be transferred to hot cases so that food is always served hot.
In order to facilitate second helping of guests, food items will be brought in a trolley.
Kumbakonam betel leaves, Rashiklal supari, seeval, tooth pick and tissue paper will be provided as per the photo.

More details

Kolam drawings will be arranged

Kolam drawings will be arranged for the following places

  • Outside the marriage hall
  • Rooms of the bride and bridegroom
  • Platform where the function will be held
  • Oonjal (swing)
  • Two ladies will be available for the entire function – one each for the bride and the bridegroom’s family to help with the fulfillment/arrangement of any basic need.

 marriage catering in chennai
 marriage catering in chennai

Coffee Stall

  • Fresh Filter Coffee
  • Tea
  • Horlicks
  • Bornvita
  • Lion Dates Syrub
  • Melagu Pal
  • Badam Pal
  • Chocos(Kids)
  • Kellogys Chocos (Kids )
  • Lemon Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Ginger Tea

Biscuit Bank


Kasi yatra requirements

  • Umbrella
  • Walking stick
  • Book
  • Kasi yatra thundu (towel)
  • Rice and dhal
  • Jaggery
  • Coconut
  • Turmeric (manjal kizhangu) will be arranged.

Mapillai kit

A complete set of Toiletries.

 marriage catering in chennai
 marriage catering in chennai

Arrangement by Party at House

  • Paadaraksha for Mappilai Kasiyatra
  • Vaazhai Maram
  • Pachapudi Pitalai Pathirangal
  • Kamatchi Vilakku -1 No
  • Chombu-2 Nos
  • Arukkanchatty-1No
  • Thambalam-5 Nos

Arrangement by Party at Mandapam

  • Name Board
  • Welcome Arch
  • Muhurtham Medai Alangaram
  • Vaazhai Maram
  • Reception Stage Decoration
  • Oonchal Decoration
  • Nephtals Room Decoration
 marriage catering in chennai