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Hariharan's Trendy & Traditional Menus

  1. We are quality conscious and only genuine provisions will be used.
  2. Vanaspathi(dalda), ajinomoto or any type of chemical soda will not be used.
  3. Cooking is done using SVS refined oil and mineral water.
  4. For chinese food we used branded olive oil only.


  1. Each bearer who serves food will be in uniform with hand gloves and head cap.
  2. Different sets of uniform will be used for different sessions with the uniform colour for reception matching the theme colour
    (dress colour of the couple, back drop and the invitation card).
  3. Food will be served only when the seats are occupied.
  4. Two supervisors will be appointed for each row to evince personal attention.

Janavasa Tiffin

Janavasa Dinner

Muhurtha Tiffin

Muhurtha Lunch

Nalangu Tiffin

Reception Dinner

Kattusadha Lunch

Kattusadha Koodai (Packed Food)
Bridegroom party in Box

Kerala Lunch


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